About Us

Conspicuous Boutique, established in 2020. We want to inspire women to be bold in their own unique styles and step out the box once in a while to bring out their inner diva they didn't know exited. 

It's our mission to sell chic and edgy styles that are timeless with comfort in mind for your most memorable occasions.

We bring you joy through fashion by offering you bold styles that are vibrant in color, unique in style while having long life cycles. We save you time by offering sets, and other styles that can be matched together. We are your one stop shop for any special occasion.


Honesty- We are very honest about each product description and product review we post.

Respect- If our customers have questions we communicate in a timely manner. We do our best to make sure our customer service is above average. 

Empowering- Our models are different shapes and sizes for a reason. We want women to know you can still look fabulous no matter your size. When you are beautiful in the inside the outside will show that same image.

Happiness- Laughter is what keeps you looking young. We smile and dance in our videos to bring you some happiness. Who wouldn't like a nice laugh.